About Tamaki Legal

Our firm is entirely focused on lifting our clients’ up through the provision of effective and winning legal services.

We take pride in establishing genuine relationships with our clients. We will go the extra mile to get to know who we are working for and to make our clients feel comfortable when engaging with lawyers. Our Managing Director and some staff members are of Maori descent.  This gives us the ability to better understand our clientele and to identify with them and their issues. We strive to create lasting relationships with our clientele for more effective communication.

We have a number of solicitors at Tamaki Legal and this gives us the ability to share, discuss and resolve the numerous legal and administrative problems that confront our clients. We believe that this aspect of our company gives us an edge over our competition. Importantly, the number of solicitors at Tamaki Legal also us the capacity to process and complete the large amounts of work that are often part and parcel of litigating in the Waitangi Tribunal. The numerous, voluminous and complex documents that are filed on the Tribunal’s record of inquiry means that its best to tackle the presentation of Treaty claims with a large team of lawyers.

Over the years, we have developed our knowledge and understanding of the workings of the legal aid system. We are more than familiar with how legal aid is applied for and with how the Ministry of Justice grants aid. As a result, there is minimal or no actual cost to our Treaty clients. With regard to Maori land law cases, we are very familiar with applying for grants of aid from the Ministry of Justice and applying for special aid from the Maori Land Court. Many of our clients do not pay for any of our legal services themselves because of our knowledge of and experience with the legal aid system and with the Maori Land Court’s provision of special aid. Legal costs for the Marine and Coastal area work (Takutai Moana) that we do is also covered by government funding.

Although we are based in Auckland, we travel all over New Zealand to attend with our clients. Usually our travel costs are met by grants of legal aid and/or special aid from the Maori Land Court and so there is no need for our clients to worry about meeting that kind of cost. Moreover, the fact that our offices are in Auckland does not mean we cannot represent people living in other parts of New Zealand.